Waste Management

On average 90% of your old bathroom is going on to have a second life.


I take waste disposal and the environment very seriously. We don’t uses builders skips as they can damage you drive and they are immensely unsightly, we use Hippo Bags. These skip bags are flat-packed, so we simply open it up and put in a suitable place to suite you when we start your project when you are ready.

All the waste removed in a HIPPOBAG is taken to a Waste Transfer Station that has been licensed by the Environment Agency and audited by us personally. Here it is sorted and separated with as much material as possible (on average over 90%) going on to have a second life.

If the waste really can’t be reused or recycled then unfortunately, it ends up being taken to landfill. HIPPO actively support all initiatives that aim to divert waste from landfill and endeavours to pass on any tips or advice to customers about boosting recycling whenever they can.